About Santa Cruz County Junior Golf Association

Their Mission

Established in 1993, Santa Cruz County Junior Golf Association (SCCJGA) is a non-profit, all volunteer organization whose charter is to provide all Junior Golfers and prospective junior golfers between the ages of eight and eighteen with the opportunity to participate in an organized golf program that offers a fun and safe atmosphere. The SCCJGA is committed to minimizing barriers, financial or otherwise, that might prohibit participation in the game of golf.

Their Scope

The philosophy behind their Junior Golf Testing Program is to give their junior players the opportunity to progress and learn via the SCCJGA skills test, the R.E.P.S. course, and a written test.

The skills test, given to earn an advanced card, (Bronze, Silver or Gold) assesses the player's golf skills in various areas e.g. pitching, putting, chipping, long irons, short irons, sand traps etc. It is designed to provide fair and consistent test conditions, as well as impart an understanding of the rules, etiquette, pace and safety while playing the game of golf. Their goal is for every junior golfer in this program to feel successful, therefore, they encourage their players to practice and work on their golf skills.

All players are required to complete the R.E.P.S. course, including new members, returning members, high school team players, and players who have taken lessons from golf schools and professionals. The R.E.P.S. (Rules, Etiquette, Pace and Safety) course is typically taught by Dave Rollings. At registration, each member is given a rules book, a fun lecture, and an open book test to complete. When the test is turned in along with a 1" x 1" picture of the player, they will receive a membership card.

Their Program Goals:

Help all players achieve an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the game.
Provide opportunities to advance and progress through the various card levels: Bronze, Silver or Gold.
Provide positive feedback and awareness of the area(s) that need improvement. Establish goals for skill improvement.
For their players to develop the basic fundamental skills necessary to keep play moving ~ and have FUN!